Letting go

I move to Mexico tomorrow.

Some friends suggested I start a blog, and I thought that’d be good for me. I’ve started blogs in the past, but always gotten held up by wanting anything personal I put into the world to be perfect. So it seems fitting that now, during a time when I’m trying to let go of so much — physical objects, emotional safety nets, routines, concrete future plans, and even the hair on my head — that I should let go of the idea of putting a perfect thing out there and just put something out there. Because I’d really like to chronicle this process for myself, and share it with anyone who’d like to know what’s up in my brain.

Plus, especially if the next four weeks are going to be spent at an artist residency, I’d better start getting comfortable showing writing that’s closer to my chest than the normal stuff I write about science and health. I’ve grown as a person watching others expose vulnerable pieces of themselves, and maybe it’s time to do a little of that myself.


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