I named this blog Open Hands after a concept my friend told me she heard in a sermon. I might be mangling it, but what I took away from it was: as people, we tend to cling very tightly to things, whether that’s money, structure, beliefs, plans, objects, whatever. But that kind of clenched posture often stops us from being open to receiving new things, and also from giving freely of ourselves. It makes us guarded and anxious about potential loss and can stop us from living in the present. With the open hand, you free yourself more, trust the world more, and let things flow from you and towards you with greater ease.

It really stuck with me because I saw how clenched I could be. It wasn’t really about objects for me, but beliefs and identities that I would cling to in order to protect myself. This clinging resulted in me being kind of a workaholic, more closed off to other people than I wanted to be, less able to show vulnerability and weakness, less able to sit with uncertainty, less ability to sit in peace with my own mind. Reminding myself to open my hands has been a powerful mindset adjustment that helps me just chill out, let go, and be. It doesn’t mean I don’t hang on to things that matter, like partners, friends, goals, work endeavors — I just have a better home for them now, one that’s not being stuck under my sweaty fingers.

Anyway, I would have preferred to name this blog something tough-sounding, or something funny — something to protect myself from the vulnerability of actually being genuine. But I stopped myself! Because I’m trying to let go of the protective shells that keep me from growing, in this blog and in life right now.